It’s Easy to Watch CBeebies Abroad

For any parent of young children in the UK, there’s one channel that’s probably on more than any – it’s called CBeebies.  It’s the channel on the BBC designed specifically for pre-schoolers and broadcasts most of the day.  It’s probably no exaggeration to state that it’s probably saved a few relationships over the years too!

Watch CBeebies Abroad
It’s packed with not only entertaining but educational content for young children.  What’s better is it has no advertising at all, so you don’t spend hours fending off requests for overpriced toys every few minutes either.  It’s a wonderful resource and hopefully something that will endure all the talk of reducing the scope of the BBC.  There’s few enough  non commercial resources for young children and it would be a tragedy to lose one of the best.

Unfortunately for anyone outside the UK, including parents on holiday – all the site is blocked as soon as you leave the United Kingdom.   There would have been access if Britain has stayed in the EU through their digital marketplace initiatives but that’s obviously not going to happen now.

So what’s the option, is there a method, a workaround to get access to the BBC when abroad?

How to Watch CBeebies Abroad

It’s much easier to see it on screen, so here’s a video demonstrating that all is not lost.  There’s a very simple way to watch CBeebies from anywhere in the world – just watch this video – How to Watch CBeebies Outside UK.

That’s all there is to it.  By connecting to a VPN server based in the United Kingdom, all the UK TV sites are accessible without issue.  What’s more it’s all done from a simple program or app you can install on phones, tablets etc.

So the simplest way to watch CBeebies abroad is to change your IP address to a British one.  You can do this through a variety of methods but the easiest is to use a proxy or VPN server. 

If you’re interested in subscribing to the solution demonstrated in the video – this page goes to their special offer section where you can pick up the latest discounts.  These do change so check in and grab a deal that suits you.  I literally use my NordVPN subscription every day!



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