Where Can I Get a Valid Postcode for ITV in 2020

One of the common methods some websites use to check your location is to ask you for your postcode. For some reason this is considered a valid check on your location. Even large web sites like the BBC will seek to confirm your location using this method. If you want to enjoy Coronation Street on the UK’s main commercial channel will pose the same question – so how to get a valid postcode for ITV ? Well here’s your answer.

Just Grab Any Valid Postcode for ITV Hub Registration

So many of the main UK sites which are restricted to UK only access require a valid postcode to register an account. It’s normally not the only check, the more significant one is to check your IP address which you can bypass using any VPN service like NordVPN.  Yet surprisingly it’s often the step that stops people accessing the BBC or ITV from abroad, because they think there’s some clever check going on.

Fortunately there isn’t anything vaguely clever going on!  All these websites will do is to prompt you for a UK postcode and then go and check if it’s valid.

valid postcode for itv

Here’s the current screen shot taken from the ITV Hub page, which you’ll get during the registration process for a free account.  If you’re not in the UK it looks like a real problem however this couldn’t be further from the truth.   All you have to do is put in any valid UK postcode, that is one that actually exists.  The websites have no means to do anything other than check if it’s a valid location.  They certainly can’t check if you live there or if your email address is registered to this location.

So basically just input any valid postcode from the UK (well England or Wales specifically) and everything will be fine.  If you don’t know one just search online for the address of well anything, or use one of these –

These are from Halifax, England –


Or here’s some Manchester Postcodes –

M1 1AA
M1 1AD
M1 1AE
M1 1AF
M1 1AG
M1 1AH
M1 1AJ
M1 1AL

– pick anyone and you’ll be fine or go to this postcode list and pick another one if you prefer.  There is one minor point to consider, the postcode may be used to configure certain regional variations when your watching ITV Hub.   For example ITV like the BBC has different news programmes depending on your location, so if this is important to you – pick a postcode based on your preferred location.   So if you want to see the news from the Midlands, then pick a postcode from that area otherwise it doesn’t matter as long as it’s a real postcode.  Mostly this will only happen if you’re watching live TV as it’s largely only the news programmes that are different.  Occasionally there are other slight differences between regional schedules but there normally very minor.

Possibly the only other factor worth mentioning is that ITV Wales has some slight differences in addition to the English version of ITV.  So if you want your programmes to include those Welsh programmes then it would be simpler to choose a Welsh postcode to be associated with your user account.

Here’s some Cardiff Postcodes to choose from if you need one –


So that’s all there is to it, don’t worry about this step there’s no hidden trick or complicated response.  To watch any of the UK TV channels like ITV, Channel 4 and of course the BBC you just need any UK postcode to create an account and a VPN like this one and it will all work perfectly wherever you are !

VPN for ITV Hub


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