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Have you noticed that many of the world’s best media sites are restricted based on your physical location?   For instance ever tried to watch the BBC iPlayer, Canadian TV or ITV in the USA? Or perhaps some US stations like Hulu or Australian TV channels from Europe?   Well you’ll get blocked, wherever you are determines what you can view online.

BBC iPlayer USA – I’m Afraid Not

I noticed this after moving to North Carolina for a few months with work, it was great I could watch Hulu and Pandora online in the USA.  However my favorite UK TV channels were not available and there was no BBC iPlayer USA apart from some cut down global version which was quite expensive .

Anyway I spent a few weeks testing various solutions, and came up with what I think is the fastest, safest and most economical way of how to watch BBC iPlayer in USA and indeed any online media anywhere in the world. My priority was to watch the BBC live but it works for pretty much any location restricted channel anywhere in the world.

Here’s a video called BBC iPlayer USA – of it in action.

On the computer it’s just a matter of selecting the right country, so to get BBC iPlayer in USA then just select a UK server. In fact where you actually are is irrelevant, so you can also use it to watch US media sites by selecting a US server too.  Don’t just use it for BBC catch up TV there’s a whole world of online entertainment available in countries all over the world.  Put it on your other devices too, there are versions for smartphones and tablets which you can install too.


However although Nord VPN has hundreds of UK servers, some of them are optimized to watch the BBC and UK Television stations.  So if you want to watch BBC online outside UK for example then it’s best to ignore the auto connect feature and pick one directly.  If you select one of these then you’re much less likely to get blocked – currently these are the best – UK: #764, #977, #1025, #1388, #1512, #1515 K #836, #1043, #1057, #1320, #1483, #1513 #1448 #1325 #1347.  Simply type one of these numbers in the Nord VPN search bar and you should be fine.  You can add the ones that work best to your favorites, to select next time.

Watch BBC Online and TV from Any Country

The technology that companies like the BBC iPlayer and Hulu use, works by looking up your IP address when you connect. If you’re in the right country, then no problem other wise you’ll be blocked. So for example, here’s some of what you can access…….

  • Hulu – Only US Address
  • BBC iPlayer – Only UK Address
  • Pandora – Only US Address
  • RTE – Irish Address
  • M6 Replay – French Address
  • ABC – US Address (or Australian for their ABC)
  • CTV – Canada Address

Crazy isn’t it, huge national broadcasters upload all their broadcasts to a global medium like the internet then block everyone who can’t already watch it on their TV sets!  It’s a shame as there’s some amazing shows available when you can watch both on BBC live stream and via the iPlayer archive.

The software demonstrated gives you complete control of your IP address. It allows you to switch it at will, from US to UK then Canadian, French or German at the click of a button. Meanwhile it completely encrypts your connection and gives you total privacy and security which is a must if you travel a lot and use insecure Wifi connections.

You’ll never be blocked based on your location ever again, watch what you like online and you can even use it on your mobile devices like iPads, Tablets and smartphones. Select a British identity for watching BBC iPlayer USA, ITV Player live or Channel 4 then for example switch to a Canadian one to access CTV.   You will never be restricted and what’s more your identity is completely hidden when you watch BBC iplayer live or from the archive.

*** The BBC has introduced a User Account system in 2017 – don’t worry just create your account when connected to the UK server, you’ll just need to select a valid UK postcode for the account ****

NordVPN does all this and more, giving you peace of mind and security for your internet connection and access to all the world’s online broadcasting applications.  So if you want to watch BBC iPlayer in America, this is one option you can use. The software is PC only but you can get it to work on other devices too with some manual configuration.

However if you want a VPN that works on a Mac and has different apps for your phone and tablets then check out the link below, this is also the lowest priced VPN and you can use it on all your devices under one subscription.

Nord VPN has versions for all your devices and is  great option to watch BBC iPlayer Abroad.

Nord VPN Deal of the month.

Remember Nord has hundreds of servers available, if you want to watch British TV don’t use the auto connect feature as they can get too crowded.  Check this post for the servers that are optimized for accessing BBC iPlayer, ITV and the UK TV channels.


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