How to Watch ITV in USA

Updated in March 2020 to try out Nord VPN to watch ITV live in USA. Here’s the discounted deal that I used – Nord VPN Discount Page.

We’ve seen on this site how easy it is to access the BBC from the US in this post – BBC Iplayer USA.  But what about other UK stations say like ITV Player in the USA? Well ITV is the UK’s biggest commercial station and has some great shows and dramas most of which it streams across the internet on it’s own iplayer type application called ITV player.   It’s an online video player that works across all the ITV commercial channels – specifically ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4 and the children’s channel –  CITV.   This post will show you how to watch ITV in USA or anywhere else in the world.

There are a few restrictions about what’s available, for instance some shows are not available due to rights issues, perhaps if they’re bought in from another network, also some sporting broadcasts will not be accessible.   However the vast majority of ITV’s programmes are available for 30 days after being broadcast.   When it was first released the service was known as ITV Catchup but it’s now been rebranded in line with other online media players. The other restriction and the one that catches most people out, is that you have to be in the United Kingdom to watch anything.

So if you try and watch ITV player in the US for example you’ll get blocked based on your location.   You’ll probably see a message like this one below when you try and actually stream anything.

how to watch ITV in USA

It just basically says that sorry this video is not available to play in your region.  What happens is that as usual the web site looks up your location to check where you are.   It does this by checking where your IP address is registered to, something that you normally can’t control. Your IP address is assigned by whatever service you’re using to access the internet.  So if you’re at home it will be your ISP or Cable company, or it maybe the Wifi at Starbucks or perhaps your phone provider.

The basic premise though is that whatever physical location you are in will be reflected by the location of your IP address.  Sometimes there will be an error but 99% of the time if you’re in the US you’ll be allocated a US IP address, in Germany – a German address and so on. To bypass this check you need to spoof IP address to watch ITV in the US.   Anyway basically it’s not that hard – just read on and you’ll learn how to watch ITV in USA or anywhere else for that matter.

How to Watch ITV in USA – It’s This Simple

The trick is to control your IP  address.  After all why should websites decide what you should do or watch purely based on your location.  Why shouldn’t an American working in Holland be able to watch his favorite shows on Hulu?  Why shouldn’t a British citizen on holiday in Florida keep up to date with Coronation Street on ITV. Well now they can, just watch this …

This software gives you complete control over what you can see online, and also gives you total privacy (if you enable encryption).  You can watch any programmes irrespective of where you are, so Hulu in Europe, or use it as a BBC iPlayer proxy it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter where you are – you can present the location you require by simply selecting the right country. There are some other options to gaining this sort of freedom online, if you search online you’ll find many other services.   The sad fact is that many simply don’t work or are so slow that it’s impossible to use them to stream any sort of media online.

There’s certainly no free VPN for ITV player or any other UK channel available in 2019 as they’ve all been blocked.   Unfortunately the sad truth is that it costs money to relay video through any sort of managed service. There’s bandwidth costs, support staff and of course the cost of the servers. In reality, anything that’s going to slow down your connection is rarely worth it and ITV live stream USA without buffering is definitely worth a few pennies.

how to watch itv player abroad on ipad

The good news is that the decent providers do it efficiently and provide fast servers, great support at a minimal cost. My recommendation is  to try Nord VPN, you’ll see how good it is and get to ask lots of questions to their support staff if you need to.   Remember as well as unlocking the IT channel in America you can also enjoy the BBC and the other free UK TV stations.  It’s like a huge cable subscription, with thousands of shows live and in the archive.

How to Watch ITV Hub in USA on iPad or Smartphones?

The Nord VPN software also includes versions for all your devices up to a maximum of six on any single subscription.  So you can install versions on your smart phones and tablets too, great for enjoying Love Island when you’re on the move! Basically you can just click on a button to spoof IP address to watch ITV player or any other UK channel.

Give it a try on the link below, there’s no tie in and there’s a no hassle 30 day money back guarantee. If you have any questions they are very welcome.

Nord VPN – Watch UK TV Anywhere


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8 thoughts on “How to Watch ITV in USA

  1. Got a couple of emails about the Rugby. Yes you can watch the Rugby world cup with this as it’s live on ITV. Just pick a UK server from your the NordVPN menu and connect as normal. You will need to create an account but just sure you input any valid UK post code when required.

    Any UK server should be fine for ITV but if you have any problems use the ones optimized for the BBC in this post –

  2. Updated page as I’m trying out NordVPN – lots of people I know especially in expat community recommend it. Advantages are costs are lower on longer term plans and they have versions for Android/iOS and Mac. I think for security I’d stick with Identity Cloaker but for streaming TV it looks a good value option.

  3. NordVPN has versions for most devices which are easy to install. If you do want to use on smartphones, tablets or others and you’d prefer just installing the right app, then they are the easiest to use – checking out NordVPN which have versions and apps for most devices.

    They’re pretty cheap too, any comments please let me know.

  4. Someone asked me by message if you could still get the ITV channel in America using this method and whether Robert Peston’s politics show is available on the ITV Hub.

    Yes to both questions, and you can access the show for 28 days from the broadcast date. The only shows which aren’t always on the archive are things like sporting events and films which are licensed. Anything else is normally on the ITV hub for at least a month.

    1. Yes that’s right Nikky, I’ve used it for years in many countries and never had a problem. I also watch RTE in Ireland using the Irish servers.

  5. Hi Jose,
    That’s absolutely right, all you are doing really is hiding your real address and using one from the country you need.

    All the countries are included in the subscription, I use the UK, US , Canadian and French ones mainly but there’s lots more.


  6. Hi,

    So if I understand, I just change the address to the country I need? Are all the different servers included or do you have to pay extra to use the Australian and Canadian ones?


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