How to Watch CBeebies in the USA – Enjoy the CBeebies Channel Anywhere

Last Updated on May 7, 2024

How to Watch CBeebies in USA – Enjoy CBeebies TV Channel in America

There’s little doubt which was the most important TV station for me a few years ago, it was something called CBeebies! I’m sure that it is for many parents who slowly become reliant on the various shows which pre-school children absolutely love. What’s more parents feel better as the programmes really are of the highest quality.

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It was launched in 2002, packed full of characters who by now are global superstars. Remember this motley bunch ?  I can guarantee anyone who’s had kids in the last twenty years will know them.

CBeebies in USA

CBeebies Teletubbies Praised by Educators

However, although many parents including me find them really annoying, educationalists are always praising the Teletubbies and indeed most of the shows on the CBeebies channel. The whole ethos of the channel is to develop a safe, playful environment for children whilst giving them the chance to develop their emotional and cognitive skills too. There is little doubt that CBeebies have provided some of the highest quality, educational programmes for kids this century.

What’s more, unlike many children’s channels there are no advertising breaks at all. It sounds trivial but these can be a real challenge for parents when they’re stuffed full of toys and adverts targeted at youngsters. This is because the BBC is a public broadcaster currently funded by the UK TV license. So there’s no interruptions and no marketing pressure directed on your little ones.

CBeebies Night Time Routine

When my kids were younger this was a genuine help for us. The last live hour of CBeebies is called Bedtime Hour and basically is designed to wind your children down and get them ready for sleep. There are no action-packed shows, and everything moves to a slightly lower pace moving towards the CBeebies Bedtime song. The CBeebies streaming schedule does change slightly and the pattern changes throughout the year – but currently the schedule looks like this

cbeebies bedtime channels

Slower programmes, a bedtime lullaby and then some bedtime stories, often read by a famous celebrity. At the end there’s a CBeebies bedtime song which for many kids is the end of the day and time for sleep. For my children it worked perfectly, although perhaps slightly worrying was that it was difficult to settle them without CBeebies! Still, they’re all grown up now, so it doesn’t seem to have done them too much harm as they’re perfectly fine.

The schedule in the UK runs for the last hour from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM when CBeebies goes off air. Of course, if you’re watching from the US then this will be completely different due to the time zones difference. This is not a problem as all the BBC children’s programmes including CBeebies are available on demand from BBC iPlayer so you can watch them whenever you like.

CBeebies Show is Blocked Outside the UK

Whether you use the bedtime routine section or not, the CBeebies channel is a wonderful resource for parents. A huge effort goes into producing enjoyable, educational and fun content for pre-school children. Indeed, they’re so good, many kids watch them much later than this. There’s no advertising, no marketing messages and the content is carefully selected to provide a great viewing experience for your young children.

The only real drawback is that partly because of this funding model, the CBeebies channel and all the BBC’s online site is only available in the United Kingdom. Which makes it inaccessible for those of who spend a lot of time in the USA or indeed anywhere in the world. Unless you’re super organised and can download loads of shows if you go to the UK, you’re going to miss out! Don’t worry though there is a route to CBeebies USA and other countries, this is the internet and there is always some sort of workaround!

BBC Detects your Location and Blocks Streaming Services

Almost every large media site on the planet operates something called geo-targeting or geo-blocking. It started happening a few years ago but now nearly all large websites operate the same technology. It’s basically allowing a site to present different options depending on your physical location. Here’s a quick list of the sort of stuff they do –

  • block access to parts of the site,
  • charge different prices
  • display different content
  • display in different languages,
  • offer different products

The problem is that the BBC does exactly this and will check your location when you visit its website. It doesn’t matter whether you connect on a tablet, computer or phone – your physical location can be determined by the internet connection your device uses. With the BBC it’s quite simple – if you’re in the UK everything works, if you’re outside in the USA for example and you’ll be presented with an international version of the site with all the programmes and streaming capability removed. Including the wonderful CBeebies TV channel!

How to Watch CBeebies in the USA

The block is implemented because the BBC site looks up your IP address when you visit. So, the fix actually involves taking control of your IP address and hiding your real location from such snooping behaviour.

All you need is an inexpensive VPN which can be installed on all your devices and enabled when required. This video will demonstrate how to hide your true location and allow you to watch all of the BBC plus any other UK only site you might want.

Watch CBeebies Online with a VPN

So, it sounds a little complicated but it’s really not. The example video below shows how it’s done on a computer but if you use a VPN with a simple interface and support for other devices then it’s very similar to use on tablets, laptops and even smartphones.

Basically you just turn it on and off whenever you need access to the CBeebies live stream. As long as you pick a server in the right country (e.g. UK for the BBC) then everything should work fine.

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Additional Information for NordVPN Users

Many of the current VPN services don’t actually work with the BBC anymore. Over the last few years, the BBC have implemented various security devices to stop this ‘workaround’ functioning. In order to keep the BBC accessible to its users, NordVPN has implemented a section of its servers which it monitors carefully to ensure they do work for the BBC. You should use these when trying to access CBeebies from the US or indeed any of the major UK TV channels.

Here are the servers to use – UK# 1840-1847, 1850-1863, 1865, 1869, 1873, 1875-1878, 1880-1881, 1900-1901, 1903-1904, 1911, 1913, 1917, 1919-1920. Select any of these from the search bar instead of simply clicking on the UK map.

Not Just CBeebies!

Remember although this solution is to help you access CBeebies from the USA – it really doesn’t stop there. Owning a VPN subscription unlocks thousands of shows on hundreds of channels all over the world. Even if you just use a BBC DNS to watch iPlayer, you’ll find it’s packed full of wonderful programmes in all different genres.

When your children grow out of CBeebies there’s another channel for them called CBBC. This channel is focussed on 6-12 years old but many outside those ranges enjoy many of the programmes too.  The BBC also does lots of very accessible documentaries that children enjoy too – David Attenborough narrating the last day of the dinosaurs for example!  There’s also a very good children’s channel on other UK TV channels too like the ITVX which is the UK’s main commercial TV station. You will get some advertising there, but the rules on how much are fairly strict in the UK so they’re not too bad.

The link for the VPN demonstrated in the video is here Nord VPN Discount Page, although some other VPNs work pretty well with the BBC too.

What are the Most Popular cBeebies TV Shows?

Here’s some of the great shows you can find on the cBeebies tv channel, make sure you check them out!

1. “In the Night Garden”
2. “Teletubbies”
3. “Peppa Pig”
4. “Hey Duggee”
5. “Go Jetters”
6. “Charlie and Lola”
7. “Sarah & Duck”
8. “Mr. Bloom’s Nursery”
9. “Bing”
10. “The Furchester Hotel”
11. “The Octonauts”
12. “Something Special”
13. “Peter Rabbit”
14. “Pablo”
15. “Postman Pat”
16. “Bluey”
17. “Twirlywoos”
18. “Justin’s House”
19. “Topsy and Tim”
20. “The Adventures of Abney & Teal”
Please note, popularity can change over time and depends on the audience.

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