How Can I Watch ITVX in the USA on My TV – Here’s How in 2024

Last Updated on January 23, 2024

How Can I Access ITVX in USA

One of the reasons people started to get interested in ITV, the commercial UK TV network was of course Downton Abbey.  The period drama was hugely successful and was enjoyed throughout the world by millions of people.   It was often a surprise to people that ITV has always had a really good track record on producing these sorts of drama investing millions of pounds in these high-quality shows.   One of my favourites from yesteryear was a superb Sherlock Holmes adaptation with an incredible portrayal of the detective solving crimes in Victorian England.

The ITV Hub has been rebranded as ITVX and where you can watch all their channels live including –

  • ITV – Primary Channel
  • ITV 2 – Programmes and Shows for Younger audiences
  • ITV BE – Reality shows and documentaries
  • ITV 3 – Dramas, stories and soaps
  • ITV 4 – Sports
  • CITV – Children’s channel

Plus, you can watch anything from their huge archive with lots of older shows from over the decades.  It’s packed full of programmes that where originally broadcast from any of the above channels.

ITV from Abroad

Unfortunately, there’s a problem that will affect many of us, none of these are actually available from outside the United Kingdom.  When you connect to the website it checks your location by checking on where your IP address is registered to.  If it’s not registered in the United Kingdom, then nothing will work.  You can upgrade to the premium version ITVX which used to work in the European Union (** unfortunately this stopped after Brexit  **).  However, I’m going to show you a better way which costs less and opens up every other UK TV channel too!

How to Watch ITVX in USA

So, the crux of the problem is it possible to get ITVX streaming USA?  It’s an issue which is becoming increasingly common across the internet is that access is denied based on your location.  The UK TV sites are not the only ones to do this though virtually all country’s main broadcasters do exactly the same.

But fear not, there’s a solution to allow you to watch ITV from the US.  It’s called using a VPN and you can see it in action in this video here.  Just watch for a few minutes and you’ll see how simple it is – (it’s now called ITVX of course but the method works exactly the same way).

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What the VPN does is to give you control of your digital location. If you need to look like you’re in the United Kingdom then just click on a UK server, for Canada click a Canadian server and so on. With VPN servers in lots of locations across the world, you’ll be able to bypass most online blocks with ease.

The UK connection will allow you full access to the ITVX  whenever you want. Using the exact same method, you can watch the BBC iPlayer from Canada and the USA (even bigger than the ITV site) plus Channels 4 and 5 which have lots of great channels too. The UK seems to be among the forerunners of allowing free content to be broadcast online so it’s a great investment.

Most of the decent VPNs should work fine with the ITVX although there are some that have reported issues. One of the reported problems is that sometimes ITV checks the locale setting of your computer too. So, for example if you do have problems with streaming and your computer locale is set to the US it might be worth switching to the UK –

  • View the System Locale settings for Windows
  • Click Start, then Control Panel
  • Click Clock, Language and Region
  • Windows 10, Windows 8: Click Region
  • Windows 7: Click Region and Language
  • Windows XP: Click Regional and Language Options
  • The Region and Language options dialog appears.
  • Click the Administrative tab
  • On Windows XP, click the Advanced tab
  • If there is no Advanced tab, then you are not logged in with administrative privileges.
  • Under the Language for non-Unicode programs section, click Change system locale and select the
  • desired language.
  • Click OK
  • Restart the computer to apply the change.

Don’t do this unless you have issues though as many reports suggest it’s not necessary.  Currently at the time of writing no other UK TV site does this check so just clicking on your UK VPN connection should be enough to stream the BBC iPlayer and all other sites.

What are the Best Shows on ITVX Currently?

This will be soon out of date as ITVX is continually updating and releasing new shows, but as of the beginning of 2024 then here’s a few shows that are worth watching. These are all available on the free version of ITVX (with ads of course) at the time of writing, there’s loads more on the premium version if you like these sort of shows.


“Grantchester” is a British ITV detective drama, set in the 1950s, that is based on “The Grantchester Mysteries,” novels by James Runcie. The show follows the life of Anglican vicar Sidney Chambers (James Norton), who develops a sideline in sleuthing with the help of Detective Inspector Geordie Keating (Robson Green). The series is set in Grantchester, a village near Cambridge, England. The show explores the life of the clergyman and the cases he helps to solve, alongside his complicated relationship with his best friend, Amanda, and his own struggles with faith.

Platform 7

Jasmine Jobson, known for her role in Top Boy, leads in this riveting new psychological thriller. This limited series comprises only four episodes, each one designed to keep you on the edge of your seat. The story revolves around Lisa, played by Jobson, who witnesses a catastrophic event on the seventh platform of a railway station. This incident triggers her disjointed memories, linking her life to the event she just experienced. It’s an intriguing narrative indeed. The series is an adaptation of Louise Doughty’s best-selling novel bearing the same title. It’s set to air on ITV1 soon. However, if you’re too eager to wait, all episodes are currently available for streaming on ITVX.


Before he rose to stardom in Hollywood, Cary Grant was a poor boy named Archie from Bristol. His journey to fame is depicted in a new ITV drama that is now available for streaming on ITVX. Jason Isaacs takes the lead role in this series, with support from Kara Tointon, Harriet Walter, Ellie MacDowell, and others. The series doesn’t shy away from detailing Cary Grant’s personal hardships, despite his glamorous lifestyle and global fame.


Just like everyone else, we have a deep fondness for crime box sets, and ITV certainly fulfills this craving of ours. A recent selection is Payback, a six-episode drama that centers around Lexie Noble (played by Morven Christie). Following the unexpected demise of her husband, Lexie finds herself caught up in a risky police operation aimed at bringing down a infamous crime boss. Click here to read our conversation with Morven and gain more insight into the series before you decide to watch it.

Love & Death

Consider Love & Death for a thrilling crime drama that incorporates elements of reality. This HBO Max production, available for streaming on ITVX, takes the audience back to a peaceful, deeply religious Texas neighborhood in the 1980s. The biographical series meticulously follows the sequence of events that lead to Candy Montgomery (played by Elizabeth Olsen) committing an axe murder of her neighbor and friend, Betty Gore (portrayed by Lily Rabe). The cast, including Jesse Plemons and Patrick Figut as the husbands of the two women, effectively sets an eerie, subtly captivating atmosphere.

Other Great ITVX Shows Streaming

Although ITVX is free if you watch the adverts (and they’re not that intrusive) it’s packed with great entertainment.  Here’s a few more that you might want to check out, generally in the drama type category which ITV has always excelled.

So are there any other shows which can justify the small cost of a VPN server network to facilitate unblocking ITVX from America?

  • Three Little Birds –  a tale of immigration and community, set in the post-Windrush 1950s.
  • The Long Shadow  – story of the hunt for the Yorkshire Ripper.  It’s also got one of my favorite actors in it – Toby Jones who plays one of the detectives.  Catch him on the wonderful Detectorists too which is available on Netflix and BBC iPlayer.
  • Broadchurch – ITV’s famous detective series which ran for three series from 2013–2017 with David Tennant and Oliver Colman in lead roles as DI Alec Hardy and DS Ellie Miller.
  • Marcella – British crime series starring Anna Friel.
  • The Tower – an excellent police drama.
  • Without Sin – 4 part chilling drama, perfect for a weekend TV binge.


A selection of questions posted to this page in the comments.  I don’t publish them as there is so much spam and for every question like – Can I Watch ITVX in USA, there will be hundreds of completely unrelated comments !

Can I Get ITVX in the US?

Yes, you just need to hide your IP address by using a VPN to make it look like you’re in the UK. Then you can register on the ITVX website by supplying any valid UK postcode. Just make sure you connect to a UK server which unblocks ITVX and you’ll be able to bypass the geo-block and watch for free whenever you like.

Is there an ITVX without Adverts?

Yes, there is a premium version which allows you to watch without and commercial breaks.  It costs £5.99 a month or £59.99 a year to subscribe and currently you’ll also get access to Britbox which is a great UK TV archive.

Is this the Only Way How to Watch ITV in USA ?

No but it’s probably the best!  If you don’t want to use a VPN to watch ITV then you can try out Smart DNS – free trial here.  Otherwise there are IPTV solutions which you can purchase online which give you access to UK TV stations for free too.

Can I Get ITV Hub in USA too?

No, ITV Hub is gone, it has been replaced by ITVX which in all honesty is much, much better.  There’s a lot more TV programmes and loads of free channels included in the ITVX streaming platform. Your old ITV Hub login will still work but you can create a new account if required.  Remember to connect to a UK VPN server if you’re outside the UK.

Can I Watch Downton Abbey on ITVX/ITV Hub?

Yes, but only if you upgrade to the premium version.  The standard ITVX is free to air and is accessible to anyone, this includes loads of programmes and everything that is broadcast live.  However some shows including all the Downton Abbey shows and Christmas specials are restricted to the Premium version which costs approx £60 a year.  The Premium version also removes the advertising breaks so you can watch without interruptions.

Using a VPN for ITV – Will Anyone Do?

If you want to watch ITVX from America, then you must choose a VPN with UK servers.   It’s also important that the IP addresses of these servers are not blocked by the UK’s media sites, which unfortunately many are.  Check with your chosen VPN provider if you’re not sure,  make sure that ITV is actually available through their servers.

Can I Download Programmes from ITVX to Watch Offline?

ITVX does offer a download feature but only if you subscribe to the premium version. You can do this from America using a UK VPN server, it costs £5.99 a month or $59.99 a year (approx $75) and does give you lots of extra programmes (including Downton Abbey) and removes the advertising breaks.

What exactly are Geo-Restrictions?

Geo-restrictions or geoblocking is a technology that restricts access to Internet content based upon the user’s geographical location. In a geo-restriction scheme, the user’s location is determined using geolocation techniques, such as checking the user’s IP address against a blacklist or whitelist, or tracing the location of a mobile phone. The result is used to determine whether the user is allowed access to the content or not. This is often used by video streaming services, online games, and online shopping platforms to control access to their content.  They can be bypassed by using the unblocking capabilities of a VPN protocol or service.

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