Which is the Best VPN for BBC iPlayer ?

If you’ve ever done any sort of international travel then you’ve probably experienced the joys of the geo-blocking.  It’s the practice of restricting someones access to a website or resource based simply upon their physical location.   So a typical scenario would be a British tourist, enjoying their summer holidays in Spain. They’ve got no […]

How to Stream BBC in USA

For many years people have been using proxy servers to stream the BBC in the USA.   The numbers are not certain but it is estimated that millions of people regularly watch the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 from all over the world using the internet.   Since it’s creation the BBC have restricted access […]

Is Nord VPN BBC iPlayer Blocked ?

I’m currently returning from a few weeks travelling and whenever I’m away I always try out a few new VPN programs to see what’s working and what’s not.   Of course, most VPN services remain fairly consistent in their performance and security but what does change is their ability to access the big media sites. […]