How to Watch MotD in Europe

There are of course lots of ways to enjoy the Premiership coverage online irrespective of which country you are in.  Last year I watched the Manchester derby on Indian TV in a bar in Goa.   However for most British Premiership fans there’s something more enjoyable about watching it with familiar commentators from UK TV.   Unfortunately […]

How to Use BBC Download Abroad

The BBC iPlayer has a great feature which allows you to download programs from their site instead of streaming them.   This means you can store them on any device and watch them whenever you like, what’s more you don’t need an internet connection to watch them like this.  It’s especially useful for people who have […]

Is Nord VPN Blocked by BBC iPlayer ?

A couple of years ago the BBC started cracking down on people accessing their sites from outside the United Kingdom.  The rumors were rife that they’d discovered ways to automatically detect a VPN connection and now none of them would work.  The reality is that this is not quite the case, there are no accurate […]

Which is the Best VPN for BBC iPlayer ?

If you’ve ever done any sort of international travel then you’ve probably experienced the joys of the geo-blocking.  It’s the practice of restricting someones access to a website or resource based simply upon their physical location.   So a typical scenario would be a British tourist, enjoying their summer holidays in Spain. They’ve got no […]