Is Nord VPN Blocked by BBC iPlayer ?

A couple of years ago the BBC started cracking down on people accessing their sites from outside the United Kingdom.  The rumours were rife that they’d discovered ways to automatically detect a VPN connection and now none of them would work.  The reality is that this is not quite the case, there are no accurate methods to detect a VPN connection.  Even the Chinese Government have not quite managed to determine this despite spending a fortune on research.  Although they are perhaps the closest!

The fact is that the BBC has stopped lots of VPNs working and a few Smart DNS services too but using a very much simpler method and one that can be easily circumvented.   The following video explains how Nord VPN still works with BBC iPlayer despite many suggesting it doesn’t.

As you can see the secret is just picking the right IP address.  Nord VPN is one of the world’s biggest VPNs and has literally millions of users, therefore it will often have lots of people using it to watch the BBC from places like the USA.  If too many are on a single IP address, then there will be issues and some of them could be blocked.   Fortunately, they have thousands of IP addresses and if you just take a minute to switch everything will work fine.

The video explains how you can even set up your favourites which work reliably and those to avoid.  A crucial tip which causes many to have problem, using the auto connect feature which connects you to the fastest server not the one best suited for BBC access.

There are many VPNs which still work with the BBC if you look around.  The key factor is that they support actively check and maintain access.  The same ones will also unlock the other major UK TV sites like ITV and Channels 4 and 5 too.

There’s certainly no global block being implemented, as really the technology to detect VPN access reliably simply doesn’t exist yet.  So, if you’ve suffered any issues and have had problems using a VPN to access the BBC, don’t give up.  It’s easier than you think, and Nord VPN is one service which still actively maintains access to the BBC and all the other UK TV sites.


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