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There is only one football TV show for me, and I’m using the word football in it’s European context. It is of course, the wonderful Match of the Day which for many British sports fans is an almost ubiquitous part of our childhood.

It’s format has not changed that much since it first aired in 1964 and it’s widely recognised as the longest running football television programme in the world. Indeed it’s actually one of the longest running shows on the oldest public broadcasting company which perhaps gives you some idea of it’s place in history. Indeed I’d warrant that most UK football fans had their first experience of football watching the Match of the Day highlights.

match of the day stream

There have though been a few gaps in it’s broadcasting history most of them due to the BBC losing broadcasting rights in the ridiculous bidding wars that lie behind the Premiership rights. However it’s good news for the last decade or so it’s not only returned to our screens on a Saturday night but you can also watch Match of the Days stream online too from it’s website. There is also alternative versions such as Match of the Day 2 which is normally broadcast to cover midweek matches.

However this internet enabled functionality is not available in the USA or indeed anywhere outside the United Kingdom. Just like the rest of the BBC iPlayer programmes if you try and watch them online from the US for example you’ll simply get a little message saying it’s not available in your area.

Fairly devastating for any UK football fan who happens to be outside the UK on a Saturday night, I can tell you.  However fear not, there is a way and this short video shows you how.

How to Watch Match of the Day Stream Live from Outside the UK

That’s all there is to it at least on a computer or laptop, if you have access to a VPN service with servers in the UK. The one in the video is called Identity Cloaker and is actually a security product designed to keep your internet connection secure. It is though used by thousands of people simply to watch British Television and bypass similar blocks in countries across the world.

It works by hiding your true location by streaming everything through something called a VPN server. When you connect to the BBC website for example, you will appear to be based in the UK as only the IP address of the VPN server will be visible. Your own location is completely hidden, although you may have to login to the site now as the BBC is starting to make this mandatory. This doesn’t cause any problems though as long as you have the VPN enabled. You can also use it to watch Match of the Day live from the main BBC website.

There are obviously lots of other VPN services which you can use as long as they have UK servers.  However you should remember that many are now blocked, plus to watch Match of the Day streaming properly you will need a fast service or you’ll experience a lot of buffering when you watch.   The best solution is to test with a trial account first, don’t subscribe for longer until you’ve actually successfully watched match of the day online and are happy with it.

Remember though, it’s not archived in the same way as other programmes on BBC iPlayer so if you miss the live showing don’t leave it too long. The rules change depending on the rights agreements with the FA but you’ll find Match of the Day on iPlayer is never archived for more than seven days so be quick!

For sports fans and indeed for anyone who travels a lot it’s a very worthwhile investment as this practice of restricting access based on location is extremely common. Indeed nearly every US TV station does the same and you’ll find you’ll get blocked from them when leaving the US. Using the VPN you can bypass these too, though. All you need to do is to connect to a US server instead of a UK one to restore access when you’re outside the country.

So that’s it, the software  we use in this video is called Identity Cloaker and indeed we’ve been using it now for over ten years primarily to access UK television and watch Match of the Day online.  Yet it also opens up hundreds of channels in different countries too including the US, Canadian and French channels too. It works brilliantly on computers and laptops but alas is lacking the support for other devices.

An alternative which is very popular and does have support for all sorts of devices as well as the PC and laptop is called NordVPN which works in exactly the same way to watch the TV you want online and surf the web in complete privacy.

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