How to Watch MotD in Europe

There are of course lots of ways to enjoy the Premiership coverage online irrespective of which country you are in.  Last year I watched the Manchester derby on Indian TV in a bar in Goa.   However for most British Premiership fans there’s something more enjoyable about watching it with familiar commentators from UK TV.   Unfortunately for most of these you have to be in the United Kingdom to watch, and Match of the Day (or MotD) is no exception.

How to Watch MotD in Europe

So although every episode of Match of the Day can be watched live and through their archive section, if you’re outside the United Kingdom then you can’t access it.  There was some talk that it would be made available throughout Europe through the EU’s digital marketplace initiatives but that’s unlikely to happen now because of Brexit.

Every visitor to the BBC’s website has their IP address checked.  If it’s outside the United Kingdom then it’s routed through to the international version of the site without all the TV and iPlayer links.  Even if you go directly to the streaming section of the site, none of the programs will play and you’ll be greeted with the message ‘not available outside the UK’.

Fortunately there is a workaround as you can see in the following section and video demonstration

How to Watch MotD in Europe

As you can see when the site is first accessed, the non-UK IP address is easily detected. However by using a connection to a VPN you can hide your real location. When connected the BBC will only see the address of the VPN server which as long as it’s located in the UK will grant full access.  It means you can actually watch BBC iPlayer from anywhere.

Many millions of people, use these VPN services to access all sorts of resources which are blocked by location. Virtually every major media site for example, uses this ‘geo-blocking’ technology to restrict access to certain locations. Mostly they restrict access to the domestic market although it’s likely this will increase to include different locations and even demographics.

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