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British TV Programmes Online

Most people when travelling or moving abroad, usually end up missing at least some things about home. For me, when I moved to the US I really missed British TV programmes despite having access to some great US stuff on my screens. The amount of adverts and breaks in shows though definitely takes some getting […]

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Watch Dr Who Christmas Special Abroad

It was a couple of years ago I think when the BBC actually lifted the restrictions on a Dr Who Special for Christmas. That meant, wherever you logged in you could watch the show live and didn’t get blocked. Of course this is the exception, normally watching live and using BBC iPlayer is normally blocked abroad. […]

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BBC iPlayer Canada – Here’s How.

The BBC iPlayer application is probably one of the most popular sites on the web. Using it, you can not only watch just about every BBC show live, you can also stream the programmes for several weeks after. For me it’s the news and documentaries which are my favorite, however others like to watch sports, […]

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How to Watch BBC Abroad Online

If you’ve ever tried to access BBC abroad such as from France or indeed anywhere outside the United Kingdom, you’ll have found that you will get blocked. You’ll probably get some sort of message like this – The reason, is that whenever you connect to the BBC iPlayer site, it checks your location by using your […]

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Watch Channel 4 Abroad Online

Although Channel 4 viewing figures lag behind the dominant BBC and ITV channels in British broadcasting, 4oD is probably the most popular video on demand service if you discount the BBC iPlayer.  Several hundred millions views recorded every year, suggest that it’s going from strength to strength.  It’s not surprising as it has some great […]

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Setup a UK VPN on Your Ipad to Watch BBC iPlayer

There are in truth quite a few methods to be able to bypass all the blocks that the big media sites like the BBC put up to block access from outside the UK.  However the problem is that many of these revolve around software which is fine if you’re using a PC or Mac but […]

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