How to Watch Coronation Street in USA (or anywhere!)

Coronation Street is now officially the oldest running soap in the world.  It’s started in 1960 and has been broadcast several times a week on Britain’s largest commercial channel ITV since then.   Many millions tune in every week, although it’s probably not quite as popular as it was a decade ago or so.  It’s known for it’s controversial and challenging story lines plus many of the characters have literally grown up on the show.

Watch Coronation Street in USA

One of the problems getting to involved in a regular drama like Coronation Street though is that it’s very annoying when you have to miss episodes in the middle of a story line.  The ITV Hub, won’t help much either as although all the shows are streamed live and stored in the archive – if you’re outside the United Kingdom you won’t be able to watch.

There is a Coronation street YouTube channel here, where you can see clips . However they don’t really last long and you can watch anything like a full episode.   In fact they keep redirecting you to the ITV Hub to watch the episodes!

How you Can Watch Coronation Street in the USA

The problem is that the ITV Hub like just about every major media broadcaster in the world, restricts access to it’s domestic viewers.  Mainly because of copyright issues, you won’t be able to access any of the UK’s TV stations from outside the UK.  Every time you visit a site, it will check your IP address and if it’s not registered in the UK you’ll get an error message.

Fortunately there’s a solution which you can see in this video which is available on YouTube to watch too –

The trick is to use a secure fast VPN to hide your real address and avoid these blocks. Secure because it needs to be configured correctly so that it cannot be detected. The servers have to be fast as well because streaming video requires speed to watch without constant buffering.

IN the video, the connection is made to a VPN based in the United Kingdom. When you visit the ITV Hub only the IP address of the VPN is seen, so if it’s in the UK then everything will work fine.  While the VPN is enabled then you can use any of the UK TV stations online including the wonderful BBC iPlayer.

A VPN is the easiest way to bypass all these blocks, and best of all usually one is enough to unlock everything.  Nord VPN allows access to all it’s servers all over the world under a single subscription, which means you can unblock any site virtually anywhere.  Indeed you actual location now become totally unimportant as long as you can get an internet connection.

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