BBC iPlayer Canada – Here’s How it’s Done.

The BBC iPlayer application is probably one of the most popular sites on the web. Using it, you can not only watch just about every BBC show live, you can also stream the programmes for several weeks after. For me it’s the news and documentaries which are my favorite, however others like to watch sports, soaps and comedy shows online. Unfortunately due to the way the BBC is funded, if you try and access BBC iPlayer in Canada then you’ll be blocked from viewing.

You’ll get a message something like this –

bbc iplayer canada

Which basically informs you that the BBC iPlayer application only works in the UK, except that’s not quite true.   There is a way around this block, which is actually quite easy to do and used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world to watch the BBC iPlayer from outside the UK.

The method relies on the fact that the block is implemented based on the location of your IP address.  This is the unique number assigned to your computer when you go online,  any web site can look up where the address is registered and therefore determine your location.  Which is what the BBC website does,  when  you connect from Canada or the USA – your location will be determined and you won’t be able to access iPlayer.   It’s not just the BBC which do this, thousands of the world’s biggest media sites do the same thing – ever tried accessing a big US media site like Hulu or NBC from Canada – exactly the same thing will happen.

So how do I watch BBC iPlayer in Canada?
Well all you need to do is hide your real IP address, and ensure that it looks like you are based in the UK.  It sounds difficult but it’s actually very simple using what’s called a VPN or proxy server.   This is a computer that sits between your computer and the web site you’re visiting – forwarding all your data.  If the proxy is based in the UK like this then your location will also be registered as the UK and you can get full, unrestricted access to the BBC iPlayer.   This video shows how easy it is if you use an inexpensive proxy service –

That’s all there is to it, and using an application like Identity Cloaker you can also access sites blocked in other countries too. Want to watch the news on a US TV channel, listen to Pandora or catch a show on Hulu – it works just the same, simply select a US server instead of a UK one. Prefer to watch something in French, then try out the excellent M6 Replay site which broadcasts from the French TV stations.

Now from the end of 2016 there were some significant developments in the way that companies were dealing with VPN access.  Although they have always been discouraged, most have only made minimal efforts to block access. However many people found in 2017 that BBC iPlayer not working through VPN services.    Suddenly many people were finding that the BBC iPlayer VPN workaround was not longer working for them.  What happened was that the BBC started a bit of a crackdown on these services presumably to encourage people to buy their programmes online instead.  However it is important to remember that there is no way of the BBC iPlayer detecting VPN services directly what they did was look for overloaded IP addresses with too many concurrent connections.  Furthermore they started to target those VPN companies who openly advertised their service as a ‘TV watching one’.

The well run, professional VPN services have been largely unaffected and all should still work perfectly.  Occasionally you’ll find individual IP addresses getting blocked but most of the established companies have literally thousands of IP addresses available to switch out when necessary.  So if you pick your company and test their connections first you should have no problem with BBC iPlayer VPN 2020 and beyond.

Identity Cloaker gives you access to a whole network of servers which you can use to watch content from anywhere in the world. You can also use it on Smart TVs, Smart phones, tablets and Macs too. If you’ve ever been locked out of any media site because of having the wrong address, then it’s worth the small price. Try the . which for a few dollars can unlock virtually every media site on the web irrespective of your location.

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