How to Change your Netflix to USA

Although most people in the world are pretty impressed with the Netflix library.  Some have more reason than others, a fact  that becomes more obvious if you’ve seen more than one version.  You see although your Netflix account is global, the version you see is dependent on where you actually login.  So yes, there’s a French version of Netflix, a Mexican version and an American version too.  In fact there’s a different version in every one of the 200 odd countries that Netflix supports.   This would be fine except there’s a small issue, these versions vary greatly.  Some are incredible and some less so, which can seem kinda unfair as everyone pays a similar subscription.

So Which Version of Netflix is Best?

Well there’s no real doubt here if you consider number of movies and most recently released.  The US version of Netflix has more than 2ooo-3000 more films and shows than many others.  Obviously it misses out on region specific stuff, but for overall quality and content the US version of Netflix is streets ahead of the competition.   Not only is there more stuff but it’s usually includes later releases and blockbusters that never make it onto the other versions of Netflix.

How to Change your Netflix to USA

For example, the US version of Netflix is the only one to have the 2017 Hit – The Last Jedi.  Will it ever make it onto the other versions?  Who knows but it’s likely that the US Netflix will be the only place you’ll see it for some time.   This is just a single example though, many of the most popular TV shows will be running one or two series behind on other versions of Netflix.  One of my favorite shows is Persons of Interest, the JJ Abrahams hit. It’s been two years now and the last series still hasn’t made it onto European Netflix.

How to Change your Netflix to USA

Fortunately it’s possible to change the version of Netflix that you are allocated due to location.  This is especially useful for those who live in slightly smaller countries where the Netflix catalogue can actually be very small indeed.   All you actually need to do is to fool Netflix that you’re in a different country, you will then be redirected to that version.  So in an ideal world, you can redirect to the US version of Netflix which as mentioned is much, much better than all the other versions.

How to trick Netflix to think you are in the US

There are two distinct methods to do this, one is using a VPN and the other is something called Smart DNS.  Here’s a quick video about how anyone can learn to change Netflix to USA using a Smart DNS solution quickly and easily.

For many years I’ve used a VPN to bypass things like the Netflix country block and it’s been ok. It works pretty well with channels like the BBC and UK TV channels. However for Netflix it’s always been a bit unreliable. The main problem is that Netflix blocks access from any commercial IP address – which unfortunately constitutes 99% of all VPN services.  As it stands in October 2019 there’s no reliable VPN for Netflix changes that work anymore.

Some VPN providers keep trying  to cover this by adding a few residential IP addresses to unlock Netflix. However often the connections are much slower and more unreliable than commercial IP addresses based connections. This is in part due to the difficulty (and expense) of obtaining residential IP addresses.   Honestly don’t waste your time looking for a VPN to act as a Netflix region changer, they simply don’t exist at the moment.

With Smart DNS there’s much less of a reliance on the server and it’s IP address. Unlike a Virtual private network, you only route a small part of your connection through the intermediate server (just enough to hide your location), the rest of the connection is unaffected. This means that there’s less lag, and much less impact overall from the other server. In fact once you enable Smart DNS on a device you can actually pretty much forget you’re using it, except of course you’ll be bypassing all those geo-blocks from the world’s best media sites.

There’s only one Smart DNS service that’s working reliably with Netflix at the moment and that’s the one in the link below.

Click to enjoy the Free Trial

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2 thoughts on “How to Change your Netflix to USA

    1. Potentially yes it can, but it’s getting more difficult on specific hardware. It works fine on laptops, tablets and PCs. The problems happen with certain streaming hardware. What Netflix have done is to force these devices to use a hard coded DNS server, through the Netflix interface. Not very nice as it stops you configuring your own device and it means that the Smart DNS servers you set are ignored. The solution is to create static routes on your router which relay through to the Smart DNS servers but obviously this involves more work and a little technical knowledge.

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