How to Stream BBC in USA

For many years people have been using proxy servers to stream the BBC in the USA.   The numbers are not certain but it is estimated that millions of people regularly watch the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 from all over the world using the internet.   Since it’s creation the BBC have restricted access […]

How to Watch Glastonbury 2019 on BBC iPlayer

The BBC’s coverage of Glastonbury this year was brilliant, or was it just the great music and fantastic weather. I only wish my one and only visit to this incredible music festival had been in similar circumstances. If anyone thinks that mud, rain and cold adds to the atmosphere and the ‘togetherness’ of the festival […]

Which VPN is Best for BBC iPlayer ?

If you’ve ever done any sort of international travel then you’ve probably experienced the joys of the geo-blocking.  It’s the practice of restricting someones access to a website or resource based simply upon their physical location.   So a typical scenario would be a British tourist, enjoying their summer holidays in Spain. They’ve got no […]

Enjoying BBC iPlayer DNS Anywhere

On these pages you can find many examples of how you can protect your privacy and enjoy he wonders of the BBC iPlayer site wherever you are by using a Virtual Private Network.  It’s basically a way of hiding your real location so the dastardly BBC can’t redirect you just because you happen to be […]

Which VPN for UK TV ?

This used to be an incredibly easy question to answer, if you want to know which VPN service watch UK TV then it was literally any of them.  The only real requirement was that they had a UK based VPN server which was essential in order to allow you a UK IP address to access […]